Finis Price at just posted on his blog’s collaboration with the Kentucky Law Review to offer trial videos online. Finis describes it as follows:

TechnoEsq, in collaboration with Kentucky Law Review, is seeking to make available the trial videos of numerous newsworthy and interesting trials from across Kentucky. Every lawyer knows the benefit in watching how other attorneys work and present cases. Unfortunately, unless we take the time to attend a trial, we are relegated to hearing second-hand of the mistakes and successes of other litigators. Since we believe the lessons learned from these cases are invaluable and often too difficult to obtain, we are seeking out the trial videos for these cases, digitizing them and making them available to our viewers for educational purposes.

Amazing! I agree the value of such an offering is incredible. The good news? This is just further proof that lawyer blogs are at the forefront of advancing the legal profession into the 21st century. The bad new? This is further evidence of how far behind the times our third branch of the government is.

Good luck to Finis and Mike on this project. Click on the link above for the full story.