Congratulations to Mike Stevens and his Kentucky Law Review for consistently being in the national top ten of the nation’s blogs.  This is quite an accomplishment.  You can read Mike’s well deserved summary of his blogs accomplishments, here.

At last check the Court of Appeals did not post any minutes for July 4th, due to the holiday.  The site is currently down, so I can’t determine if any posts have been made since.  I’ll continue to check and post the link along with any new minutes for July 11th.

The Courier Journal reports on the dismissal of Delta in the lawsuit against Comair for the crash that killed 49 people two years ago.  According to the article Judge Forester stated; “In short, there is no allegation that any Delta employee failed to exercise reasonable care in the performance of his/her duty in any manner in respect to Flight No. 5191”.  The dismissal apparently will have no affect on the remaining claims against Comair.

To read the entire article click here.