The Courier Journal reports on the $150,000 sexual harassment settlement by the City, here. According to the Courier:

One of the largest settlements paid on behalf of the Louisville Metro Police this decade went to two of the department’s own — in a harassment case where the city says it settled to avoid the uncertainty of trial.

Metro government agreed to pay Officers Kristina Hagan and Michael Smith a total of $150,000 earlier this year to settle a suit alleging that other officers sexually harassed Hagan and that Smith faced retaliation for supporting her.

The article is very interesting for its discussion of the underlying facts supporting the claim, including multiple allegations by both parties of inappropriate conduct in the police department. It also raises questions concerning the City’s large payout of settlements, which is the subject of another Courier article, here. According to that article;

Louisville has paid more than $4.6 million in the past two years in settlements and jury awards for 15 federal and state lawsuits against police, according to records obtained by The Courier-Journal.

A result even the current police chief White calls, “alarming.” However, the article does note that Louisville’s payouts are not out of line or excessive when compared to other similarly sized cities.