Companies agree to pay $24 million after animals were poisoned.

MSNBC reports on the proposed settlement between Companies that were sued over contaminated pet food linked to the deaths of perhaps thousands of dogs and cats and the pet owners.  Click here, for the article.

The Supreme Court posted its minutes for May 22nd. There weren’t any published cases dealing with torts and insurance.

However, there was an order denying the motion for discretionary review in the case of Condispoti v. First Financial Ins. Co, which I previously posted about, here. As you can tell from my previous post, I think this is a shame. I believe that the Court of Appeals not only got it wrong, but expressed a fundamental misunderstanding of insurance law, which is concerning. The Supreme Court’s failure to review the decision is equally disturbing. The SC did order the opinion to be unpublished, which is little consolation to the driver who is now personally liable for James Condispoti’s injuries, even though everyone agreed he was an insured under the policy.