I will be publishing a series of articles on Finis Price’s, TechnoEsq, which discuss freeware that I have incorporated into my solo law practice.  For those who don’t know, freeware is software that is available for download on the internet for free.  While there are certainly multiple offerings that perform the same function for free, my articles will deal with those that I have effectively incorporated into my law practice.

The first article titled, Scan to PDF has been posted, here.  It discusses the software that I use to convert standard scanned images into PDF format with a software program called Scan2PDF 1.5.  Other articles will discuss similar technology.

I want to thank Finis for the opportunity to write about my own passion for technology.  Click on the link to see my post.  While your there read about Finis’ own efforts to incorporate his background in technology and computers into his own law practice.