Just after I published my post on Justice Minton’s election as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky, I came across an interesting post by Mike Stevens at the Kentucky Law Review.  In my post I mentioned the political agendas and special interests that occupy the Supreme Court.  Well, Mike has an interesting post about the disagreements and internal disputes over the reappointment of Jason Nemes to the position of Administrator of the Office of Courts (AOC).  The article written earlier this month is an interesting look into the inner workings of the Supreme Court.  Read the entire post with links to the original article, here.

The Courier Journal reported on the recent election of Justice John Minton to the position of Chief Justice. The article; Ky.’s new chief justice hailed for fairness can be found, here. I believe the description provided of Justice Minton is a fair one, although I am sure many attorneys would disagree. I also think many attorneys would disagree with the articles insinuation that political agendas and special interests do not play a part in Kentucky’s judicial system.