The Court of Appeals has posted its minutes for May 9th, here.  There was only one published case dealing with torts and insurance.  Diaz v. Barker & Allstate dealt with several procedural issues at the trial court level in an automobile negligence case, including plaintiff’s failure to promptly appeal a summary judgment order in favor of Barker under CR 54.02 and issues regarding the trial judge’s failure to recuse himself.

MSN Money has an interesting article on which states are keeping a lid on car insurance. According to the article, a survey by the Consumer Federation of America showed that those states that require insurance companies to get preapproval before raising rates are best at keeping rates relatively low. The downside? In those states where no such procedure is in affect, the result is a rate increase of 100% or more.

Unfortunately, Kentucky was listed as a high increase state with a 100% increase in insurance rates between 1989 and 2005.

MSN Money reported on AIG’s $7.81 Billion Loss:

The company late Thursday said it lost $7.81 billion, or $3.09 per share in the period, down a whopping 383% from the profit of $4.13 billion, or $1.58 per share, it earned in the same quarter last year. The results fell far short of analysts’ expectations of a 76-cents-a-share loss.