The Court of Appeals has posted its minutes for April 18th, here.  Check back for digests of recent published cases.

The Courier Journal has posted an article on the passing of Judge Montano, here.  She was 46, not 45 as I stated in my earlier post.  I am sure the Judge would have forgiven me for that mistake.  It appears she died from complications from pneumonia.  She worked for more than a decade as a judge at several different courts.   As I have mentioned, she will be missed.

I was just told that Judge Kathleen Voor Montano passed away this morning after battling an unsuspected illness.  She was 45 and is survived by her husband and four teenage children.  I had the pleasure of trying a case in front of Judge Montano with several fine Louisville attorneys.  I always found her to be extremely smart, thoughtful, and well tempered.  In short, the perfect judge.  She was a graduate of the University of Louisville Law School and to my understanding was well liked and respected by her peers.  My condolences to her family and to the local legal community at the loss of such a fine person, who we were fortunate to have as a judge.

I will pass on information and links to articles as they become available.