Happy New Year to the Kentucky Law Review

January 8, 2008

Mike Stevens of the Kentucky Law Review has recently posted some kind words about the Kentucky Tort and Insurance Law Journal here. Mike was one of the first of our kind to take his well respected and highly useful Louisville Law Wire to the Blogosphere. Since then, the Kentucky Law Review has replaced many attorneys’ local newspaper.

Mike imparted his own resolutions for the New Years in his post, Looking Ahead, Looking Back, Looking at Resolutions. In order to understand Mike’s valuable service to the legal community you need only look at a few of his accomplishments for 2007, which include;

* 150,000 visitors to the Kentucky Law Review/Blog site.
* In 2007, we exceeded 4000 actual posts.
* KLB has 425 subscribers to the site via email and RSS.
* One “theme” change for all the blawgs.
* Kentucky court report aka KYCases.com was in the top ten blawgs during December and has over 600 email subscribers!
* Louisville LawWire blawg was added to simply post the lawwires each week and nothing more.
* And all FREE for you. Much thanks to our volunteer editors who rarely require me to bring out the whips.

These numbers alone are impressive. More importantly, they are indicative of the viability of posting legal related content in an easily accessible and most importantly, free format. Despite his newly mentioned time constraints, I hope Mike will continue to lead the way for other Kentucky Bloggers. I know he has been a source of inspiration when my own Blog seemed like a useless unappreciated exercise in grandiosity.

If you’ve not found your way to one of Mike’s Blogs, click on the links to the right and take a look around. What you’ll find is truly special.

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