Second Annual Kentucky Blogger Gettogether a Success!

May 11, 2007

I was fortunate to be invited to the second annual Kentucky blogger and online journalists’ (for you Michael) bull*&^%together on May 10, 2007. Our excellent host was Diana Skaggs of the Divorce Law Journal. Michael Stevens of the Kentucky Law Review and Kentucky Cases was present as were two relatively new bloggers. Trevor Wells of SCOKY made his first appearance, as did Finis Price of TechnoEsq, which I quickly found out is his blog’s attempt to discuss the integration of technology into his new solo practice.

I thoroughly enjoy these gettogethers, too much some would say. But the chance to meet others who have chosen to torment their lives by blogging about the law always leaves me with a new found respect for what we do and perhaps a better appreciation of my own blog. My only complaint is we don’t get together more often. I hope my colleagues feel the same and that they continue their blogs, journals, reports or reviews for a very long time.

My thanks again to our excellent host Diana Skaggs. As usual the food and drink were fantastic, the view wonderful, and the conversation stimulating. Its bad enough we do this for free, but Diana opens her home and spends her own money to entertain hooligans like me.

I recommend Finis’ blog and I have added a link to his site. I hope you will continue to read and comment on my colleagues’ blogs as well. Your participation and words of encouragement are ultimately the only thing that keeps this technological phenomenon going.

One Response to “Second Annual Kentucky Blogger Gettogether a Success!”

  1. Finis Says:

    Thank you for the compliments Ed, coming from such an esteemed blogger means a lot to me. It was a wonderful event last night and I think needs to be something we do more often, maybe rotate who hosts it so that Diana gets to relax and enjoy herself as much as we do.

    It was wonderful to get to meet everyone and I look forward to many more years of my fellow Kentucky bloggers company.

    Finis –


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