Is there anyone out there? Syndication problems

June 26, 2006

Michael Stevens of Kentucky Law Blog previously posted on the issue of whether or not our Blogs were being read (or heard) so to speak by our intended audiences or anyone else for that matter. As a fellow Blogger I share his thoughts and concerns on whether or not we provide a helpful resource to the legal community or whether anyone is even listening. It now seems that even if there was someone “out there” they couldn’t hear my message. Thanks to Michael for letting me know my RSS feed has been out for the past two months. This apparently occurred when I switched from an Atom feed to an RSS feed with feedburner. After some minor changes, I believe the problem has been fixed. I apologize to my subscribers who just got two months worth of posts in their readers or email through feedburner. I hope the problem will not occur again and my subscribers will continue to receive “timely” up to date posts. If you know someone who may have dropped their subscription due to a lack of posts, please let them know it was a “technical” glitch, which has been resolved. Thanks again Michael.

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