Speaking of Young Lawyers

February 17, 2006

Those young lawyers interested in my post on Judge McAnulty may also find the Kentucky Young Lawyers Blog by Michael Walker interesting. Michael is an attorney from Paducah offering insight on issues appealing to young attorneys, as well as, a variety of helpful links and resources. I recommend you check out the “Lawyer Coloring Book” link posted to his blog. I must confess I found this laugh out loud funny!

The Louisville Bar Association will be hosting a CLE on apportionment issues post Kentucky Farm Bureau v. Ryan on Thursday, February 23, 2006. Mike Krauser, Krauser and Brown, the lead attorney for Kentucky Farm Bureau, will be discussing Ryan’s application in future tort and contract cases. John Phillips, Phillips, Parker, Orberson & Moore, will also discuss indemnity issues post Degener. Information regarding the CLE can be found on the Louisville Bar Association’s Website. Highly recommended for those wanting to know the legal analysis prompting the Ryan opinion.

Breakfast with Judge McAnulty

February 17, 2006

The Young Lawyers Section of the Kentucky Defense Counsel recently held a discussion titled “Do’s and Dont’s in the Courtroom”. Judge McAnulty enlightened us on what to do (mostly on what not to do) as young lawyers in the Courtroom. I am glad to say this event was well attended despite its 7:15 a.m. start time. Regardless of an attorney’s years of experience, I think it is helpful to get an experienced judge’s opinion on these issues. Thanks, to Kathi McKeown and Peter Cummins for setting this up. I look forward to future events and would recommend this series to others.

I’m Back!

February 17, 2006

After an eternity off, I’m back! The Kentucky Insurance Defense Page is now the Kentucky Tort and Insurance Blog. I am happy to say I, along with Michael Stevens (Kentucky Law Blog) , were two of the first attorney’s to blog way back in 2004. (blawg.org) While the name is different, the content will remain the same, but will not be as elaborate. What started as a way to inform attorneys about issues in my field of practice, quickly became a full time job. I will continue to comment on cases but will add information from other sources that I feel is important.